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Portfolio Solutions Aimed at Uncovering a New Source of Alpha


New Age Alpha has built a solution suite using probabilities to deliberately avoid the losers. By doing so, we have divorced ourselves from traditional portfolio management ideas and, instead, drawn on the actuarial principles of the insurance industry.

We believe this approach can help drive long-term portfolio outperformance without the risks traditionally associated with active investing. Our actuarial-based investment methodology is designed to be used across investment universes and geographies. We are not repackaging another traditional investment factor and our goal is not to replace existing portfolio allocations. Our solutions complement investors’ existing market exposures by avoiding the losers.

As much as investing is about recognizing the traditional relationship between risk and reward, we believe that we can provide greater return with less risk by avoiding the losers.



We take what’s good and make it better by avoiding the losers.

Our custom indexes are designed with a singular objective – improve traditional investment universes by avoiding the losers. Utilizing our proprietary methodology that employs our actuarial investment metric, the H-Factor, we believe we can uncover additional and uncorrelated returns.


Rational ETFs for irrational times.

Invest in our family of Avoider ETFs. ETFs that aim to outperform known investment universes by avoiding the losers.

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The H-Factor System

A tool that aims to help you avoid the losers in portfolio.

New Age Alpha’s H-Factor System is a free app designed to help you understand, identify, and avoid a portfolio mispricing risk caused by human behavior.