About Us

New Age Alpha is ushering in a new age of asset management by applying an actuarial-based approach to investment portfolios. Utilizing these principles built by the insurance industry, we construct portfolio solutions, indexes, and tools that aim to identify and avoid a mispricing risk caused by investor behavior.

At New Age Alpha, we…

Avoid the Losers

Manage risk like an actuary, not like a portfolio manager

Invest with the power of probabilities.


Avoid the Losers

Our mission is to help investors understand, identify, and avoid a portfolio mispricing risk caused by irrational investor behavior.

We have evolved the traditional actuarial approach that is widely used across the insurance industry and applied it to asset management to help identify and avoid the impact of loss that may occur in a portfolio when securities become overpriced by human behavior.

Ultimately, we help advisors and investors build better investment portfolios by avoiding the losers.


20+ Years of Successful Partnerships

Over the past twenty years, Armen Arus and Julian Koski have dedicated their research to the study of human behavior and its impact on stock prices. They identified a dramatically differentiated source of alpha that is uncorrelated with traditional risk factors and managers. With this, they built actuarial based portfolio solutions, indexes and direct indexing options that seek to avoid the losers.

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